Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hi, My name is E. and I am a craft supply hoarder

At least that is the only conclusion I can come to based on yesterday's little extravaganza in my craft supply area. After five bags of garbage, seven bags of donations, and six or seven boxes packed for moving, the craft area is empty. (In my defense, not everything in those boxes was craft related, but junk item which belonged to other people which ended up in there for one reason or another.) Still, there was a lot.

I suppose this is the trouble with having lots of different activities that I enjoy doing and am vaguely successful at. This and my wide-swinging whims of what I feel like doing at any one time. I go through seasons, where one particular thing is all I want to do, then I'm over that for a while and on to something else. But I know myself, and eventually I will swing back to many of those crafts. The storage of multiple crafts and their needed supplies is an effort to save myself money when I cycle back again.

While cleaning out, I came across all my hand spinning supplies, you know, as in spinning wheels and wool and (hopefully) beautiful yarns. It's been quite a while since I had it all out. But suddenly, I'm feeling like rejuvenating my spinning skills is exactly what I want to do. I'm afraid it is going to have to wait until after we move, but I do have everything I need to pick it up again. I'm kind of excited.

The things I gave away were the few crafts that I picked up at one time and have never cycled back through again. Once was enough and it has no pull. It was pretty easy to give it all away. I even gave away fabric. (Gasp!) Either it was fabric for much younger children or yardage I had already made something with or I just didn't like any longer. Out it went. This was made even easier because a good friend stopped by on a whim and lent a hand to the cleaning effort for a while. She was great at reassuring me that I didn't need it, and someone else would be thrilled to have it.

Of course, there is one more aspect of my craft hoarding tendencies. Am I the only one who secretly worries just a little bit that somehow one day I will be held in my house by some outside force and I will need things to fill my time? Does anyone else plan for this imaginary contingency? Does anyone else harbor some small secret hope that this will actually happen? You know, someone brings you food and you have no other responsibilities, but you are stuck with whatever is in your house? Please tell me I'm not. Though sometimes it does sound glorious. Of course, I'm usually alone in this little fantasy. It wouldn't be quite so fun to be trapped indefinitely in a house with many small children.

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