Birthday celebrated

Y.'s birthday was duly celebrated last night with everyone in attendance except for B. who had work and a rehearsal. 

There was her chosen store-bought cake... because they are fancy.

Y. blew out her candles all on her own this year. Last year she didn't have enough diaphragm support to blow out even one on her own.

A happy girl and a much less manic smile.

On to presents! Look at that high kneel! She couldn't do that last year, either.

Yes, my children enjoy hair dye... Why do you ask?

Seaweed snacks (you can't see the huge smile behind the package) bought specially for her from TM.

The sweetest moment of the evening... G. gave Y. the gift she is giving her. Y. opened it and says, "But this is your favorite kitty." There is a pause, we all wait, and G. says, "That's OK, he likes you." The room then erupts in sighs and murmurs of, "That's so sweet." A. may have sniffed a bit. 


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