Where did the day go?

How did it get to be 6pm? I swear it was just 10am. We were doing school, then a quick lunch, a moment to throw dinner in the crock pot, then a trip out to the therapist (though I should add that's not quick and takes most of the afternoon). That was followed by teatime, a moment for me to sit an regroup, and then it's 6pm and I have to put some water on for egg noodles. Thursdays are like that, and I've just come to terms with the fact my house, by the end of the day, looks as though a three day party took place in it. And the people at the party played with a lot of Legos and ate a ton of food which seemed to require every dish and pan in the house to be used.

So once again, you all are faced with a blog post which has no content whatsoever. How about I give you a cat and dog picture and a link to some real writing? First the picture.

And my latest article: Adoption Books/A Review of Mine in China by Kelly Mayfield As always click and share and add to my paycheck. Thanks.


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