Monday, January 23, 2017

Ch- ch- ch- changes

We've had emotions all over the board around here today. (Wrote this on Saturday, but had to wait to tell family before posting it, hence the delay.) It's been like living on a roller coaster, and I think we're all feeling a bit woozy from the effects. Do you remember earlier in the week when I alluded to some things that were going on around here? Well, now I feel as though we are at a place where I can tell all of you.

Last week, J. was offered a job at a different university, one that is about 1 1/2 hours west of where we currently are. It is a very good job offer and a terrific job opportunity. I am so happy for him and can't think of anyone who deserves something like this more than he does. It does make life a little more complicated around here for a while, though.

He will be starting in mid-March. Because of various commitments of family members through the school year, he will be making a fairly horrendous commute for several months. Knowing that this isn't sustainable long term, it also means that at some point this year we will be moving.

That little phrase makes it all sound so simple, doesn't it? We're just going to move. As if you wake up one morning and that's what you do. It doesn't really describe the work of getting the house ready to sell. It doesn't mention the effort to purge the stuff and pack away unnecessary items to make the house look as though if you live here, you will be actually living in a magazine. This phrase also doesn't mention the stress of actually selling a house while 12 people are living inside of it. (Trust me, I don't linger too long on this particular item, because I don't have a paper bag handy to breath into.) Then there is the finding of the new house... which fits and is within the budget. And figuring out how to sell one house (to get the equity) and buy a new house without becoming homeless for a time. And packing and moving and unpacking a household of 12+. Gahhhhhhhh....

Let me take a few deep breaths. I'll be right back.

There, that's a bit better.

This is big. And there are a lot of moving pieces. All in all, though, both J. and I feel that this is really the right thing for our family right now. It allows us to remove the albatros that is the Big Ugly House. Because as much as we love it, we just cannot afford it. It also allows us to get some acreage which we all have been wanting for some time. Small people already have the new place stocked full to bursting with animals and we are still months and months away from the actual move.

It's also hard. We've been in this house for 15 years. We've lived in this city for much, much longer. It will be hard. When we told everyone today, there were all sorts of reactions over the course of the afternoon... sobbing, cheers, worry, excitement, more sobbing, more excitement. I think everyone is now a bit emotionally exhausted, and we are just beginning.

There are some other benefits to this particular job and location, as opposed to something farther away. We get to keep our specialty doctors. I drive for them anyway, so it doesn't make much difference where I start. We keep our supplemental insurance for our more medically needy children. We can still see our good friends, even though it will take a little more effort and it just won't happen as spur of the moment. We will still be able to drive into the city to see our favorite museums. The homeschooling laws we work under won't change. I will still be able to get my twice a year bulk order. We won't be moving away from Aldi!

It still all seems extremely surreal. I may be typing this and explaining it to you, but I know there is a good chunk of my brain that just hasn't caught up.


Ken said...

Congrats! But BOO for NPU! J is one of my all-time favs here! Such an amazing soul. I'm thrilled for the place he's switching to. They are fortunate. I wish you all the best and especially the move. Glad you get to keep many of the same services for the kiddos!

Lucy said...

Two little words: "As Is". We did that on a move last year, and it takes all the pressure of the house out of the situation.

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Moving a large family is a huge undertaking, but you may be pleasantly surprised. When we moved 7 kids ages 12 to 2, it was super hard. When we moved 7 kids ages 16 to 5, I was surprised at how much easier it was. You have big, helpful children, and no really little ones. It might not be as bad as you're expecting?

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