And some Mondays are like that

Some Mondays have dogs who eat things they shouldn't (and could be heading to the vet if that dang bone does nasty things inside said dog). Some Mondays have vaguely uncooperative children. Some Mondays have overly tired children from an overly busy previous week. Some Mondays have dreary wet weather that you have to go out in because the garbage bag has to be out of the house to save the dog from himself. Some Mondays have too much mess made in the kitchen.

But we got through our school schedule even though I was sorely tempted to put everyone back to bed for a bit and try the day all over again. Tomorrow will be better. I can say that confidently because that is how it usually works out. Powering through a bad Monday means that the rest of the week goes smoothly. Throwing up my hands and turning belly up on a bad Monday usually means I can write off the week. I don't know why, that's just how it always works out.

And there have been some highlights as well. It's sometimes easy to over look the highlights when everything is heading you know where, isn't it? K. did some really spectacular reading, and even better he was understanding what he was reading. R. did some sorting for me and for the first time doing this particular box, understood the idea right away, and even better was picking up the small objects with her right hand thumb and fourth finger (as I had asked). That's willingness and success all in one activity, a definite win for her today. Everyone found lunch that they liked and ate it without drama. There is no where I have to go this afternoon, so can stay inside the enjoy the wet weather because I don't have to be out in it.

Well, unless I'm running the dog to the vet.


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