A post of pictures

Oh, I could go so many ways with the post. There's "How Older Children Structure their Free Time" or "Teaching Children to be Comfortable in the Kitchen" or "Don't be Afraid of Giving Your Children Free Time". I'm good with any one of those. But, since it's later in the day, we still have teatime to have, and then dinner to make, I'll just show you pictures.

TM has been on a quest to make homemade potato chips. His first batch turned out too thick for his taste, so I suggested he get out the mandoline. I showed him how to use it and he was off.

The mandoline. You should own one, if you don't already.

Y. helping him dry the potato slices on paper towels.

More potato slice drying.

Spraying the parchment paper for broiling. (You know that parchment paper on baking sheets is one of the seven wonders of the kitchen world, right?)

The finished product.

I thought they tasted pretty good. TM thought they were a little too soggy, so is going to try again with a little less oil.


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