Tree Trimming Party 2016

As is our tradition, every gathered and we ate a lot of snacks and decorated the house the tree for Christmas. M., B., and A. were all able to join us and also all brought friends. We were quite a crew. It was fun and all the ornaments are on the tree. I have only rearranged a couple so far.

Y. is interested by all the festivities, but also a little baffled by them. We are continuously being informed that, "we didn't do this in China." R. loves it. Every single glittery, sparkly, carol and snack filled moment. She was so tired from the excitement that J. had to get her ready for bed and then tucked her in, whereupon she immediately fell asleep. For a child whom I'm convinced doesn't actually sleep, but lays there with her eyes closed all night, this was quite an occurrence. And as far as the animals... Kenzie did pretty darn well and never had to have a rest in his crate. Midnight hovered around the edges waiting for unguarded plates, and Nefertiti just liked all the boxes that ornaments came out of. So far, neither cat has shown any interest in trying to climb the tree. (That loud knocking sound is me now pounding on the nearest wooden object.)

L. and Y., decorated as a Christmas tree.



P., in her traditional Christmas tree decorating pose. I probably have this same picture of her from many previous years. She eventually did get up and put an ornament or two on the tree.

Y., R., and H.

From the front hall

After a chili dinner, all the younger people watched a Christmas movie.

The older people began a raucous game of Dutch Blitz, which is still going on as I type.

Our tree

I cannot believe how fresh it is. Hardly any needles fell as we put the ornaments on.

And our 14 stockings, all made by my mother. Yes, R. and Y. have theirs already and they are up. I am just short one stocking holder.


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