Thursday, December 15, 2016

Reality checks

It's always fun to ask for things as gifts and even more fun to imagine those items under the tree Christmas morning. Sometimes, though, gifts are asked for that I know there is no chance that they will be appearing. I don't like to nurture false hope, so I will often inform the requester that they need to adjust their expectations because there's no way some asked for gifts will be making an appearance. So far, I have had this conversation over more than a few items. Here are gifts that will not be making an appearance under the tree this year:

  • Booster Board
  • Tickets to see Hamilton
  • Trip to Paris
  • Concert tickets to various bands currently touring in Europe
  • Husky puppy
  • St. Bernard puppy
  • Great Dane puppy
  • Really, no puppies
  • Kitten
  • Kitten
  • Kitten
(More than one child has asked for this particular gift)

  • Rabbit
  • Two rabbits
  • Horse
  • Miniature goat (even it is labeled a 'therapy goat' or a 'companion goat' or any other type of helping animal wearing a vest)
  • Extremely large Lego set whose cost is in the high triple figures
  • 1967 Chevy Impala
  • Sleepover with friends who live several states away
  • Sleepover with friends who live several states away
(Different children, different friends)

Yes, we are the mean parents over here. I hope a week is enough to get over their disappointment.


Donna said...

REAL kitten was on the list here, too.

Lucy said...

My kids asked me if I wanted a new pet, I said I would love guinea pigs but I just didn't have the time to learn how to raise them, butcher them, skin them, cook them etc. So the kids told me I was mean. :-) That is my theory with rodents, if I am going to put the time in on them they need to be useful and guinea pigs are large enough to be edible and in fact are eaten by many populations. I think of them as a sort of cute fun prepper back up food source, IF I had the time.

Penny said...

The boy, at age 8: "Mom, I'm going to ask Santa for superbowl tickets!"
"That would be very, very expensive."
"But he's Santa!!"
"Yes, but who do you think has to fund it?"
"The parents."
"They have to pay him?!?!?"

A few days later...
"Mom, Dad told me the secret."
"Uuuhh....what did he tell you?"
"The reindeer have jet packs."

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