Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas writings

We are back in the throws of the majorly messy craft that will never end, otherwise known as the paper-mache birds which looked so cute on Pinterest. Today's fun is painting. It could very well take us the most of the day. Paint a layer, let it dry, paint a layer, let it dry, convince R. she still has a lot of bird to cover in paint, paint, dry, convince, etc. So instead of writing anything, I thought I would gather together the past posts I've written dealing with Christmas is one form or another. Here they are... at least the ones I could find as I quickly searched while the paint dried. (As an aside, they are listed oldest to newest, I kind of cringe reading my writing from six years ago. It makes me want to go back and rewrite some of it.)

Mary was not a Teenager


Have You Fought with this Mercy You Don't Understand?

Comfort and Joy

A Christmas Read Aloud

Love Came Down

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