Bulk Instant Oatmeal Mix

Yesterday I mentioned how I was going to make a big batch of instant oatmeal mix, which I actually ended up getting done. Seventy-two servings later, we now have bags of Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Oatmeal, Oatmeal with Raisins and Brown Sugar, Sour Cherry Oatmeal, and Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal. If most people choose to eat this every day, it will last about a week.

Someone asked for my recipe, so I thought I would share what I do. First, in full disclosure, the original recipe is from the Budget 101 site. I have changed it to a larger amount and I also got rid of the many individual serving bags. I also changed a couple of things in the flavors, but the general recipe is not mine, so you probably want to check out the original site to compare.

These amounts make 16 servings of a half cup each. Or 8 servings if you are feeding hungry, growing adolescents.

Basic recipe:

2 C. Powdered oats (use a food processor and process these two cups until they are powder)
4 C. Quick oats (No, I do not buy quick oats. Quick oats are nothing but regular rolled oats that have been chopped up a bit to cook faster. Use your food processor to chop these two cups up a bit.)
1 tsp salt

Mix these together in a bowl and decide what flavor you want to make. Then add:

Apple-Cinnamon: 4 tsp cinnamon; 2 C dried chopped apples; 1 C sugar

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon: 1 C brown sugar; 1/4 C cinnamon

Raisins and Brown Sugar: 1 C raisins; 1 C brown sugar

Sour Cherry: 2 C dried cherries; 3/4 C sugar (and now that I'm writing this out, I think adding a cup of shredded coconut to this would be yummy)

Strawberries and Cream: 1 C dried milk; 2 C dried strawberries; 3/4 C sugar

Mix together and place in large, airtight container or ziplock bag. To use, put 1/2 C of mix in a bowl and add anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 C. boiling water. The amount depends on which mix you made and how you like your oatmeal. I suggest using less at first and then experimenting with adding more if it is too thick. Like the commercial version, let it sit for ~ 3 minutes before eating.


Kari said…
Thank you! I can't wait to make a batch. It's the perfect breakfast for blustery winter mornings.

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