More parental lectures

If my blog readership looks anything like my facebook feed, then approximately half of you are curled up in bed waiting for the world to end and the other half are going about your morning with a cheerful smile on your face. (And then there is the smaller percentage of people from other countries who are shaking their heads and thinking, "Crazy Americans.")

It's time for me to pull my parent card again and remind everyone of a few things. (I will add that these are things my children probably think I should just put on a t-shirt, or my coffee mug, so that I can just point to the specific statement, they hear me say them so much.)


The world is still spinning.

My crystal ball is broken and yours is probably, too. (Though if I did have a functioning crystal ball, the primary winners would have been Sanders and Kasich. If I had been correct think about how different the last three months would have been. Nope. Clearly broken.)

It is important to be a good winner as well as a good loser.

You can choose not to react when someone is trying to push your buttons. (I also tell them to come to me if they are having a particular problem with a sibling. Don't come to me.)

Be kind.


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