In search of a tree

We decided to do something new and different this year, so yesterday we loaded everyone up and went to find a Christmas tree to cut down. 

K. (That's a roll in his mouth. We did a lot of snacking so as not to have to buy everyone lunch.)

There was a miniature donkey which P. wished we could tie to the roof of the van and take home instead of the tree.

And two cute fat and woolly goats. There might have also been some discussion about how to secretly take the smaller goat with us, followed by more discussion over whether or not the city would notice a goat living in our yard. Someone helpfully (?) pointed out that everyone already thought we were a bit odd, so what would one goat matter?

Kenzie got to come along, too. His last car trip was to the vet and I think he kept wondering when the shot was going to happen.

Off in search of a tree.

After doing some vague wandering, M. and TM really wanted us to come and see the "tree" they found.

We did not choose this one.

We chose this one instead.

This is some people waiting for the tree to be cut down who may have muttering something along the lines of, "I knew this would happen. We find one right away, go wander around, and then come back and get the first one we saw."


K. and L. helped carry the tree all the way back to the entrance.

We couldn't ride in the wagon pulled by the adorable Fjord horses. (Aren't they adorable?!? This is what I would have taken home if I could have.) Kenzie, it turns out, is not a big horse fan at the moment. 

Our tree was shaken, tagged, and bailed while we went inside this little building and had some hot cocoa.

J., M., and B. tied the tree on the van and we headed home. It was a great afternoon and probably one we will be repeating in future years. For those who are interested, in went to Out on a Limb Christmas Tree Farm in Clinton, WI.


Donna said…
Looks very fun. LOVE K's hat. Wishing we were going to visit your house at Christmas, I bet it looks amazing.

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