Fall doings

The weather may say September, but the calendar says November. The leaves are finally falling and children have moved from shorts to long pants. We've been raking leaves, playing in the park, letting our pumpkins rot on our front porch (as is our tradition, it seems), and children have been scouring the weather page in the newspaper for signs of snow. Note I said the children have. I have not been, because that would mean I would have to do the dreaded chore of sorting out winter outerwear for children. I like to wait until the thermometer is hovering in the low 40's during the day before I can bring myself to do that chore. 

Scenes from the weekend.

Kenzie, L., and K. in the leaf pile

L. and K.

The Supermoon (picture by TM)

Not content with just a regular picture, TM made it more interesting. (You didn't really think I took this, did you?)

L., G. and K. on the trampoline while we were admiring the moon.


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