Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election day distraction

Procrastination pays off. Yesterday I thought I would run down to the city building and vote early to avoid today's lines. When I got there, the line was at least an hour long and growing by the second. I decided to take my chances and vote today. Besides, I didn't have a book to read while I waited. Today I had a book... and walked right in, never waiting at any point. Go figure.

It's been a dreadful political season and I know more than a few people are feeling anxious about the entire process. So, along with everyone else who is showing you pictures of puppies and rainbows, I thought I would do my part and share G.'s latest story she is writing. Seemingly overnight it seems that G. has discovered inventive writing. This usually means that fluent reading won't be far behind. Here is her story.

"The cat sat on a mat and a dog came. The dog was very mad. The cat was happy on his mat. The end. The cat and the dog." (This is the title page)

This is the title illustration. There is also a kitten, but he got left out of the story.

"The cat and dog's big mystery. It was evening now cat and dog. The cat had found a secret passage."

"The cat went in the secret passage. The dog followed close behind. The cat stopped. The dog did not. The dog (though she crossed it out) went alone, but the cat did not. The end."

"The dog was in the secret passage and the dog vanished. The end."

I don't know about you, but I'm dying to know what happens. I'm also a little charmed that she writes 'the end' at the end of each chapter. (Each page is a chapter G. informs me.)

You're welcome for the distraction.

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