Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We tried

A friend and I had planned a field trip to the zoo a week ago when the forecast was looking very positive. There was some early rain this morning, but we gave it a shot hoping that the next round of rain would hold off until the afternoon.

We made it to the zoo, walked around a bit, and then it started to sprinkle. So we went inside a building and looked around. When we came out it was still sprinkling.  We repeated this a few times and then decided a picnic was not in the cards and headed home. The picnic was eaten at the kitchen table. Since then, everyone has hunkered down to play quietly together on this dreary afternoon.

On the plus side, we got to see the new penguin exhibit and spend quite a bit of time in the McCormick Bird House. The bird house is probably one of my favorite places in the zoo. It's often quiet as not everyone goes in... or even knows about it. And inside, along with smaller exhibits is a free fly room of tropical birds in a lush rain forest setting. It is peaceful and calm and warm (which is especially nice in winter) and it is fun just to hang out and try to spot all of the birds who live there. Some of them are particularly beautiful. When we were there some hamerkops were working adding to a very large nest. They were fascinating to watch, especially since these birds resemble dinosaurs, especially around the beak and eyes.

So now there is potato-leek soup in the crock pot, I'm about to start some French bread, and tea is ready for tea time. It seems the perfect kind of afternoon to settle in to listen to a story.

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