Monday, October 03, 2016

Treasure Trove

I'm working my way through my father's mysteries which I brought home with my from Arizona in March. This requires some advance planning since he seemed to have many middle books in a series, and I am just OCD enough to never jump into the middle of a series knowingly. This means that I have to plan ahead to which book I want to read next, figure out if it is a series and where the book I am holding falls in the series, and then order the missing books from the library which come before it. This isn't that difficult, except that I seem to be always searching for a new book somewhere around 10 PM which means I cannot run to the library to get the book I need.

(I every so often fantasize about 24 hour libraries. And today, when Y. and I made a quick trip in to pick up one book, I added drive-through library to my fantasy library. Wouldn't that be fantastic? You could drive-up to the window, put in your request for your book, and have it brought to you.)

You also know that I have a slight phobia about running out of things to read and am happiest when I have a nice long list of books so I always know what is going to come next. Well, imagine my joy when I discovered one of the best lists I've ever seen tucked in the back of the first book of a series I was reading. I was just titled, "Other Titles in the Soho Crime Series" and I didn't pay it much attention at first. Then I noticed that each author also had a country or time period listed after their name and I became intrigued. Upon a closer look, it is a long list of mystery titles each set in a different country. To my mind, the only thing better than a good mystery series is a mystery series set in another country. This was like finding buried treasure. After a quick look at some Amazon reviews, it seems that it is a solid list with worthwhile reading. I have now photocopied the page to keep in the notebook I take to the library. I'll be set for months. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you! If you want to see the list, just click the Soho Crime Series name that I linked up above for you. (Yes, I know many of you already figured that out. I also know I have some non-techy-types who read my blog.)

Between these books and the non-fiction book, The Well-Balanced Child: Movement and Early Learning by Sally Goddard, plus it's bibliography, I feel happily set with books.
I have a new article published, What You Need to Know About Adopting from China. As always, thank you for clicking and sharing. It's greatly appreciated.

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sandwichinwi said...

We have a drive thru library!! You can pick up your holds at the window!!!!

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