Since gift giving holidays are approaching...

I thought I would let you know the absolute favorite toy in the household at the moment. It is the set of magnetic play tiles that we gave to H. for her birthday. Ever since she opened them, they have been in heavy play with everyone. (Yes, H. is generous to share her new toy.) She had played with some a couple of years ago at someones house and I finally got around to getting a set for her.

When I read the reviews, I was a little concerned because some people felt as though the magnets didn't hold tight enough and because everyone was talking about giving this particular item to their toddler. I hate spending money on something that is going to be a disappointment, but remembering how much H. liked playing with the set a while back, I took a chance.

I'm glad I did. They work really well and everyone in the family has love them. They hold together well, but come apart if the structure built is not realistic. Even the bigger boys have enjoyed playing with them, so the age for enjoyment is well above the toddlers that most people seem to associate with this toy. I hate how toys, especially good toys, are immediately only associated with very young children these days. Do I sound like a broken record? Maybe some day someone will listen to me. Anyhow, take a look at what a nearly 14 year old can do with such a toy.

Cool, huh? They were well worth the investment.

And because I discover many pictures I didn't take on my camera, you get two gratuitous cat pictures.


And because I know someone will ask... the actual product name is Playmags 100-piece Clear Colors Magnetic Tiles Delux Building Set with Car and Bonus Bag. No, I don't have a deal with Playmags. I wish. I just like to pass along information on good products when I find them.


We have a set of Magnatiles (same idea) that I bought after we played with them at the science museum. They are hugely popular at our house! Everyone, including my husband, myself, and all the teens, has had a turn playing with them. Jack, who is 12, was recently building structures and catapulting things at them to see how strong they were/how heavy an object it would take to crash the building down.

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