Lots of pictures of pumpkins

Everyone carved pumpkins yesterday and we got to watch our new daughters have another 'first'. It was both Y. and R.'s first time making a Jack-o-Lantern and while they enjoyed it, I also think it was one of those rather odd things that their new family does.

This is K. working in L.'s mad scientist studio. This little venture deserves its own post, so I'll describe it more later.

And the finished products. (I promised I would credit D. with the photos.)

H.'s (she wasn't feeling as though she wanted to be in the picture right then.)



R. (P. carved it for her.)

L.'s, who initially didn't want her picture taken...

and then decided she did.



The energy level today has been frenetic, even without candy. While we made an attempt at school this morning to help pass the time until it was time to extort candy from the neighbors, I wouldn't call it our most productive school day.

Tomorrow I'll show you costumes, and then the day after I will do TM's (not) birthday post.


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