Happy 14th Birthday, H.!

Yesterday was H.'s 14th birthday. She wanted Chinese food for dinner and a store bought cake with flowers on it. So that is what is what we did.

Waiting for cake

TM with the flower-topped cake. This was definitely one of the easier birthdays to put together.

And then presents...

Opening the gift from G. and K.

It was a giant wooden 'H'. G. and K. worked busily in the basement a few days ago pounding it together.

And  cool coloring book from Grammy which made H. very happy as she has been eyeing mine since last Christmas.

Stuffed animals from Y. and L. were then opened.

H. with another of her gifts.

Happy birthday my darling girl. You have come so far and we are blessed to be able to have front row seats to the transformation. I know you will continue to surprise and astound us with what you do. You have changed me and taught me many things, and I am always humbled by your perpetual good naturedness in the face of hard. I love you very much!

And one more note. The age of fourteen is a fairly momentous one, and also one that any parent of a child adopted from China does not take lightly. Remember, fourteen is the age that an orphan in China ages out of the adoption system and forever loses their chance at having a family. Fourteen is so young to be officially on your own.


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