Cat Bonding

The cats are slowly learning to get along together. It's actually more one-sided than that. Midnight is just fine with Nefertiti, it's Nefertiti who is not quite fine with Midnight. You can feel a little sorry for Nefertiti, for whom the adjustment to living with a large family has been a bit trying. All her kitty life, she has lived with single women without children. You can imagine the shock at finding herself here, which is just about the polar opposite of what she had been used to. Nefertiti is not a mean cat, and really does enjoy sitting on quiet laps. The most she does is hiss, and stalk off in her, "We are not amused," manner. Her hiss is quite something, though. It often sets Kenzie back on his heels, without her even raising a paw which wouldn't do any good anyway, since she was declawed before we got her.

This attitude of hers is like butter to Midnight. Incredibly irresistible. J. and I have caught the following little interaction more than few times. Nefertiti will be sitting quietly in a room. Midnight will notice, and perhaps looking for something to do, will decide to play. He will crouch behind Nefertiti, staring at her. The tip of his tail will go back and forth, back and forth while the rest of him remains completely still. And then he pounces. Midnight doesn't even touch Nefertiti, but does it merely to surprise her, which it does. She then turns and hisses ferociously at Midnight and runs away. You can almost see Midnight doing a little happy dance when this happens, he seems so entertained by it. But once is not enough and he will go in search of her and do the whole thing again. We are all highly amused by this. Nefertiti is not.

You needed the back story to fully appreciate this picture.

Apparently, the cats have found some common ground... birds. The new bird feeders are outside this door and the cats have a great view. It's like cat television.
Thanks to everyone for you kind comments. You have given me some ideas to think about for the next time the writing well is dry.


sandwichinwi said…
We have always called birds outside the patio door cat TV as well. LOL

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