Thursday, October 20, 2016

A stern parental lecture disguised as an animal and food post

I am both amused and baffled by something I noticed in my stats for this blog. A few times in the past month, I have written short (maybe that's the key) posts with what I consider to be very little content. In fact at least one of them had such little content I almost didn't publish it. Yet these same little nothing posts have received over 800 hits.

You know what I think it is? I think we in the US are all suffering from too much stress and anxiety as a result of the upcoming election. It's everywhere we turn, and no matter which side we are reading or listening to, the article or post or news item is filled with the dire and horrible and outrageous consequences which will happen if the other side wins. The fear mongering is unbelievably extreme and almost impossible to ignore.

To try to tune out (or engage thoughtfully) with the rhetoric is exhausting. None of us have any reserves for anything else, especially if there are personal concerns as well. If I had the ability to look, I bet the stats for things such as Netflix and YouTube show that light, funny, escapist choices are ranking high as well. I kind of wish the election was tomorrow, then we could get it all over with, after discovering the sky hasn't fallen as we slept.

Notice the calming presence of a picture of a cat. This is Midnight. Remember to take a deep breath.

While I am not crazy about either candidate and will probably not be happy with who wins or the decisions that person makes, I am also pretty sure that life is not going to end. It's just not. But you know what might just do us all in? The crazy fear mongering that is happening as well is the vilification and demonization of the supporters of the 'other side'. It doesn't matter which side, both are doing it. Pretty much the rhetoric contends that if you support 'that' candidate you are both evil and stupid.

Now I'm moving onto calming photos of food. TM made this spice cake. Looks yummy, huh? It was.

The minute we allow this type of thinking to occur, we have lost our collective soul, because it means that half of the population has lost their humanity. This is what we need to be afraid of. We may not agree with someone from the other party, but that does not mean we get to treat them poorly or post hateful things about them (even if they are supposed to be 'funny'). It does not mean that we imply that a vote for the wrong person means that life as we know it is going to end. 

Now we have a calming picture of two animals. This is Midnight and Kenzie... I think it was posed.

So stop. Just stop. Before you post or write or share something, ask yourself if it is helpful or are you doing it to create fear. You know, enough with the whole fear-thing. Stop it or you'll have to spend some time thinking about things in your room. Instead, first remember the other person's humanity. They, too, are a child of God, whether you like it or not and whether you agree with them or not. It's the whole love your enemies-thing. You can love someone and treat them with respect whether or not you agree with them.

Cookies! Everyone likes cookies. Cookies make us happy.

Let's all just go back to kindergarten, shall we? Be kind. Be respectful. And if you cannot do this don't say anything and certainly do not use social media. Then you can follow it up with a retelling of the Henny Penny fairy tale and take a nap. We will all be happier and calmer and just might survive this current electoral season.

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Penny said...

Wow......I think this deserves to go viral. So tired of the ugliness - and often from people who claim to be motivated by faith.

I have never before posted animal videos on FB, but was desperate enough to do so these past few week!

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