I found a rare 3 for 1 deal on full racks of pork ribs at the store. So, for dinner, we are about to sit down to:

Bar-B-Q pork ribs
Asian coleslaw
Fried okra

And, my house is clean because I finally got around to redoing the weekly cleaning jobs as well as the daily jobs. Life could be finally be settling down into a new normal. (And none too soon, as far as my mental health is concerned.)

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!
If you need to read something a bit more substantial, you can take a look at my new article: 4 Ways Adoptive Parenting is Different from Traditional Parenting

And, if anyone wants be to elaborate more on how we do our household jobs around here, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to assume that it is far too mundane a subject and skip it.


Carla said…
I would love to have you reiterate what you expect at what age level (maturity level?). How early did you start household chores with your oldest ones? I can see when you have several older ones already doing chores that the younger ones want, in a sense, to be included, but how did you start initially?

If you'd rather just refer me back to a previous post, I understand...

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