Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2016... a little late

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was last Thursday, to coincide with the full moon. Thursday just didn't work, so we postponed it to Saturday. It also meant we could invite another adoptive family who had brought home their child this past year to join us. 

We had a lot of food, and then made lanterns. Because I never made it to the dollar store, we used real votive candles instead of the battery ones that we've used before. Real candles do put out more light.

Y. and R. - Y. is complaining about the brightness of the flash.

There was one lantern casualty,

but it was over the sidewalk, so no large neighborhood fires were started.

The moon was still pretty full and cooperatively rose as we walked around the block with our lanterns.

Of course there were moon cakes. These were all gone within minutes. All of my children have developed a real liking for the ones filled with bean paste.

K., enjoying his moon cake.


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