Happy 16th Birthday, P.!

Today is P.'s 16th birthday. One of those big milestone birthdays she has been looking forward to. It means as soon as she gets enough practice hours she can get her driver's license and it also means she can look into volunteering at our local animal shelter. Both are things that she has been waiting a long time to do.

P. is my child is who always doing the unexpected. At least it is unexpected to me, but probably not to her. She adores muscle cars and horses, alternative music and acoustic guitar lessons, and animals of all sorts. She is quiet and thoughtful and has the driest sense of humor around. She is also a fantastic writer (though I have yet to convince her of that), and a great critical mind. There is so much going on inside that head of hers. The head with the mohawk, I might add, though it is long, so not necessarily noticeable at first.

We'll celebrate tonight. Whether we get to sign Happy Birthday to her  is yet to be decided. Did I mention she doesn't like attention?

Happy Birthday, my darling daughter! I love you so much and enjoy your company. You always keep me laughing and you are full of surprises. You make our lives so much richer than they would otherwise be.


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