I've got nothin'. You probably already guessed this from yesterday's post. Life is feeling as though it is back on keel. The doctor's appointments have slowed to a slow trickle. School is going quite well and the schedule is working far better than I had hoped. Life is looking pretty normal and average and everyday-ish. I really don't think it is that different from other families.

While crises, new children, new pets, disasters, and dramatic breakthroughs are excellent blog fodder, it's nice (really, really nice) to be in a more average moment in life. It does make it a little more difficult to come up with things to write about, though. I've been mentally planning a huge post about why I think computer-based education is a mistake and why it seems as though it is the educational equivalent of snake oil. I'm not ready to write it yet, though. G. and L. are perpetually giving me good material, but I'm also aware that ones children are far more interesting to the parents than to the wider public. I can always come up with something to write in regards to homeschooling or adoption, but it also feels as though much of that would be a rehash to what I've already written somewhere else on the blog.

So what do you want, you faithful few who read every day (or at least regularly)? I'm sure this moment of quiet won't last (though I'm enjoying it while it does), and more interesting things will present themselves to write about, but in the interim, I'd rather not spend too much time gazing at my navel. (I've given birth to seven children, trust me, I don't want to gaze at my navel.) I'm open to suggestions... questions... topics...

Of course, my secret fantasy is that some person will decide that sending all of us on a 'round-the-world trip which I would then document with probably hilarious results would come true. That doesn't seem terribly likely, does it? (Fall is a great time to travel, by the way. Hint. Hint.)

In the interim, though.




Sana said…
I love your writings and your worldview so much that I would enjoy the posts about pretty much anything. Or about nothing in particular :). A suggestions: if you feel comfortable, write about spaces and little corners of your home. I really enjoy seeing where other people live, how they adapt their space to the needs of particular family.. many houses are constant work in progress and the space evolves with the family... that's what I enjoy reading about. :)
And by all means, do write about your children as much as you'd like (and as much as it would be all right to share, of course) - it's not boring even for the non-family of yours! Quite the contrary: your children are adorable, smart, interesting, creative and the day that goes smoothly is also worth documenting!
Warm greetings from a regular reader from Croatia,
Kelly said…
I always welcome a summary of what you're reading and an update on your children from China.
:) I enjoy reading your blog, whether it's full of newsy updates on the family, or cerebral ponderings. I'd love to see more about how you organize your space, or any large family mom hacks that you'd like to share.
Carla said…
Like others have said, I've enjoyed pretty much everything you write about.

I have started going back and re-reading your posts about when H came home. How would (are?) you do things differently after learning what you learned from her condition? Each child added to the family (by birth or adoption) changes you as a parent and changes the way you parent.

Also, I'd love to hear your comments on toy accumulation/purging and what you may have done to encourage a child naturally prone to toy-hoarding.

sara parker said…
Your blog inspires me. I don't read every post, so it's more than possible I've missed some of the different subjects you've written about, but I love posts about time management. Although we don't currently homeschool, I love reading about your homeschooling. I also really enjoy when you write about books you are reading/have read.

...and feel free to talk about your kids as much as you feel like! It seems like we all enjoy it :)
Penny said…
Computer-based education as snake oil....I agree, and here's some food for thought: Reset Your Child's Brain, by Victoria Dunckley. http://resetyourchildsbrain.com/
sandwichinwi said…
I love everything you write! I'd live to hear more about high school, or at least its current incarnation. I'm completely baffled by the short amount of time it takes in your house. My kids are independent and efficient, yet their work takes all day. Also I'd live to hear any of your thoughts on middle school doings. I'm in a good place with it, having decided that it's not about academics, but rather skill-building. I'm sure you fall into that camp somewhat , as well.

Thanks for your bloggy faithfulness. It's ine of the highlights of my day (or week, as I often skip and then binge-read)


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