Birthday fun... or where I officially cement my title as the cool mom

Remember how I mentioned that P. had a mohawk, but didn't wear it up? Well, since my children's goal is life is to constantly make me eat my words, here is what she did yesterday.

Impressive, huh? It used a lot of hairspray and took a lot of time. It won't become a daily hair-do. She left it in to celebrate her birthday. There was a candle, but we didn't sing, as she requested.

The gifts looked a little on the thin side because they weren't exactly things that could be wrapped up.

If you're going to buy your child a new instrument, it probably makes sense to take them along so you can get the one that fits them, in both style and sound. So that is what we did today. Here's the not-wrapped birthday gift.

She's pretty happy with it, and I think she sounds darn good, considering that she's only had about six months of lessons.


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