When life gets in the way of blogging


Everyone is now in bed.

We have enjoyed a day long block party.

B. and A. moved their stuff out and back onto campus for the new school year.

M. set up a studio in the basement because Chicago apartments can be so annoyingly small.

Piano lessons.

And one distraught L. because the Tooth Fairy forgot to take her tooth and leave a quarter for the second night in a row. If it hadn't been for the distraction of a block party, a stern note was going to be written.

Pictures on Monday. Of the block party, not the stern note to the Tooth Fairy. I'm hoping we can dodge that bullet.

If you need something to read in the interim, you can take a look at my new article: Is International Adoption Right for Me? 


sandwichinwi said…
Ha! One time the Tooth Fairy dodged a tooth here for 6 months! Because the owner of the tooth stopped complaining, I stopped remembering to alert the Tooth Fairy and nothing at all happened until the next tooth fell out. Then its owner reminded me that the previous tooth had never been compensated for. sigh.


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