Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The Great Homeschool Baking Show

D. loves the Great British Baking Show. He really, really loves it. A lot. And so do D.'s friends, P13 and P12. So they hatched a plan between the three of them that they would have their own baking show competition. They planned it all out and decided today would be the day. All I had to do was say yes, they took care of everything else. Including the cleaning.

The bakers hard at work.

P12 was the host, helper, and judge. She is multi-talented.

There was even some drama when D.'s caramel boiled over.

And then the time was up and it was time for the tasting and judging.

P13 made lemon poppyseed and cream cheese cupcakes.

D. made a caramel-vanilla cake. He decided to style as "the pancake impersonator cake".

P12 judged on a variety of things including taste and presentation.

D. liked his, so snuck his plate away from the judge and finished off her piece.

And the winner was? P13 by one point, though really it was everyone because both bakes were terrific and we all got to enjoy them.

Oh, and, yes, my kitchen is now clean.

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