Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Notes from home

I'm not feeling much like writing, so you get bullet points.

  • I've been doing laundry (though I'm pretty sure this hardly counts as news), since we should pack this afternoon in order to be able to leave for Michigan tomorrow. We're going up to J.'s aunt and uncle's place to spend some time on the beach. At least 11 of us are. Older children are home to work and will also take care of the pets who are staying home. B. will be part of the home crew, since he is soon coming home from his summer institute on Whidbey Island in Washington. I'm afraid that it will be a hard adjustment scenery-wise. The pictures he has sent have been amazing.
  • We got to briefly see J.'s cousin and family who live in Prague. R. was particularly smitten with their little two year old. R. really likes babies and toddlers.
  • I'm happy to tell you that A. is alive. No, not because she is a new driver, but because she went skydiving today. 
  • H. had an MRI on Monday. She did great and held very still so that we didn't have to go back to have sedation. Hooray! R. is also scheduled to have one, but that will most definitely be the sedated version.
  • I think I have tamed the homeschool schedule. Now I just need to type it up and put my piles and piles of books away. If you're curious, the presidents never did cooperate and I finally gave up and decided we would take two years. The problem was that I wanted to touch on the US and world history that was happening during each president's term. I suppose the other problem was really that I cannot skim. I thought I could just touch on the highlights, but I just can't. We'll get through Abraham Lincoln this year.
  • I have found an international penpal sight for children (thank you Facebook). Many of my children are excited to start writing letters and drawing pictures and getting real mail in return. (Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you the link. This includes my international readers, who I know are fairly numerous. The group is a little US heavy at the moment and could use some more diversity.)

And lastly...
  • I have a new article that published: 5 Fun Ways to Help Integrate Your Newly Adopted Child into the Family As always, please feel free to click and share. I also want to thank all of my terrific readers for actually doing just that. My paychecks (which are based on the statistics of who much a piece is read and shared) have been happy things.


Jayview said...

Not sure if anyone would like postcards from a 70 year old ex-teacher now lecturer in southern Australia (postcard images could be tailored to their interests)? If so do give me the link.

thecurryseven said...


I'm pretty sure that the fb group is only allowing parents to match children together, but we are always up for postcards from other places. If you email me using the blog email address (ordinarytimeblog (at) gmail (dot) com we could chat about a postcard and hand-drawn picture exchange.


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