You know that feeling when your toddler decides not to sleep and stays up all night, so you have to stay up, too, so other household members can sleep?

Yeah, we have that going on today. Except our toddler is 11 on paper and probably 14 in reality. The disconnect between the age you expect and the age you get is particularly discordant at 4am.

I am not at my best at 4am and it was not my best parenting moment. Is it dinner time yet?


Carla said…
I was just thinking we hadn't had an update about Y and R in a while.

This post says a lot behind the words.

Know that you are prayed for!
Carla said…
I thought of you (and prayed) this morning as I was cleaning up a variety of bodily fluids from a variety of surfaces. Mine was at 4-year old and 8-month old levels, not 11-14 year old ones.

Thought of you just the same.

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