Take me out to the ballgame... and the Father of the Year

You may or may not be aware of L.'s current obsession with baseball. (And when L. has an obsession, it is so all-consuming, that everyone in the house is sucked into her obsession vortex.) She wears her Cubs hat, can tell you who the Chicago teams are and if they are doing well or not, and actually looks at the sports section on purpose (a section which around here usually stays in its pristine, just-delivered state.) Her goal this summer was to get to go to an actual real live ballgame.

J. enjoys watching a baseball game, so he was up for taking her. He looked into Cubs tickets and decided that a minor league game might be a better option. This is why he found himself driving 1 1/2 hours last night with five young ones in tow to watch a Kane County Cougers game. L. was more than a little excited, and H., K., G., and Y. all thought that it would fun to go along as well.

That would normally be a 1 1/2 hour drive, if it weren't for having to go during rush hour. From J.'s description, the drive sounded miserable, not because of the children, but because of the traffic. They made it by the middle of the first inning and found their seats. I should really have J. writing this post because then he could regale you with actual stories of how he never really got to watch the game. He did get to stand in line for food and to take people to the restroom, and to stand in line for drinks and to take people to the restroom and stand in line for ice cream and to take people to the restroom. The little people got to watch the game.

L. (who had brought her mitt) and Y. were particularly excited by the foul balls that flew over their heads and were convinced they were going to be able to catch one. Sadly, they never did, but I think the Cracker Jack, peanuts, hot dogs, ice cream, and the actual game made up for it.

When it was time to go, the fun didn't end for J., though. Because they arrived after the start of the game, they had had to park quite a ways away. I can just picture J., carrying a tired Y. on his back who wouldn't have made it otherwise, herding the other tired four children towards the car to head home. Then he got to drive another 1 1/2 hours. At least the traffic was better at that time of night. They hit the house at about 11 pm, where L. pretty much collapsed. I had to carry her upstairs and put her pajamas on her. They were very tired and happy children and J. was a very tired father.

Yet this morning, all five of them were up bright and early in order to head off to another day of Vacation Bible School. I think I may resort to an afternoon of quiet movie watching for them followed by an early bedtime. I hope we all make it till then.

L. is now talking about the next time she goes to a ballgame...
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sandwichinwi said…
It sounds like an actual Cubs game would be a worthwhile investment, now that you know it will be appreciated. At least the drive would make up for it, right? Don't you have cheap seats out in the bleachers? The Brewers do. Hint hint. They play the Cubs... ...Aug 16 & 17!
sandwichinwi said…
Oh. Whoops. That's in your neck of the woods. They play the Cubs at home Labor Day. Cheap seats are $20. (maybe not that cheap...)

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