Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pick a card, any card

I've threatened to have this made into a t-shirt for D. to save him the energy of saying it repeatedly. This summer, D. has decided to renew his attempt at learning sleight of hand magic. I'm his mother and may be a bit biased, but I have to say, I'm impressed. When he first started out I could usually see what he was doing and how it did a trick. For the past few weeks... ? Well, more than once he has performed a trick and it was both surprising and baffling. At first, I could usually tell what the 'magic' part was going to be. Now, I just don't know half the time. Also at first, even if I didn't see how the trick worked, I could usually figure out how he did it, but there have been a couple of time now that he has completely stumped me. It's been fun to watch the self-teaching process.

It also takes a fairly thick skin, especially when you are practicing for siblings. Siblings, especially siblings who have gotten over the whole do-a-magic-trick-to-me phase, are a tough audience and do not hesitate to point out any mistakes. It has all paid off, though, in that it pushes D. to practice harder. It is rare to see him without a deck of cards in his hands. It is also rare to find a surface in my house without a stray playing card adorning it. I had no idea that magicians were so hard on cards and needed so many. If anyone has spare decks that they don't want lying about their house, I know a boy who could make use of them.

A funny story is that Y. is pretty much D.'s little shadow. She adores him, and anything he does. Consequently, she has gotten him to teach her some magic tricks. It is pretty cute to have her come up to you, hold out the cards, and say, "Pick a card, any card." Of course, she is not as practiced and it is a bit like watching a magic trick in slow motion. I will admit that I have now figured out how D. does some of his tricks by watching Y. perform them. 

I will now attempt to share a very short clip of D. doing a magic trick. If it works, it is only two seconds long, but it is cool watch. If you have the sound up, that's TM playing in the background.

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Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Get on Shutterfly's email list! They send out a code for a free gift every couple of weeks, and I've seen photo playing cards as one of the 4 options several times. (I have a couple of their photo totes as grocery bags because of these emails, lol.)

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