Monday, July 25, 2016

Ooooo, look!

It's that time of year again... time for homeschool planning for the next school year. I am so excited in a totally nerdy sort of way. I get to make lists and do research and look at books and plan art projects and make schedules. I love this. I think I love it more than actually acting on the lists and schedules and plans. I decided to start this week, since the noisier half of the children are at Vacation Bible School every morning this week and I can get a jump start on the planning. 

In preparation, I headed out to the craft store yesterday to pick up a few things. I should not go to the craft store. I am not one to impulse buy except at just a few places and the craft store is one of them. But look! How could you pass this up? I've never seen anything like it before and I think you should be impressed that I stopped at purchasing just one.

It looks just like a cute little blank box. If this were all it was, then chances are I would have just walked past it. But it is not just a cute little blank box, look at what it does!

You take the lid off and it opens up. Looking at the picture on the packaging, I thought its walls just folded out, but it is even cooler than that because as you can see, it has pages, too. It is totally the coolest things ever!!!

Think of the possibilities for school room activities!!

Well, I had to buy at least one, so wandered around some more to see if I could decide what to do with the first one. One of the things we will be studying is birds, which gave me an idea when I saw these cute little birdies hanging out in another area of the store. I can't wait to put it all together.

I'll show you the finished project once I have it done.

I love homeschooling planning. Do you think anyone would pay me to make custom unit study plans? That would be fun, too. More planning! Probably it wouldn't be cost effective. It's not that I buy particularly expensive items, but by the time you add up supplies and time, it would either be too expensive or I'd be making pennies an hour. Oh well, I'll enjoy my smaller people who will still play with things like this while I can.

Now, off to use the laminator.

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