Saturday, July 30, 2016

Library love

We use our library a lot. I mean really a lot. Routinely we will have upwards of 80 books checked out at a time, and when I'm doing research on something it can be significantly more. As a result, many of the librarians at both our nearby branch library and the main library know us. (It also doesn't hurt that we are a very conspicuous family.) I love that since it just makes the library easier to navigate for everyone... and makes it easier to check out the 80-100 books that we do.

One of the great perks of our library system is that I can reserve any number of library books and have them sent down to our branch library, which is just two blocks away and an easy walk. I can even send a child to get them for me if I need to. I'm pretty spoiled in the that respect. It also means that the librarians are well aware of what we are currently studying or what topics I'm planning because they see the mountains of books which come in with my name on them.

But today, I have reached a new level of library usage. I ran over to get the new pile of books that was waiting for me and the librarian mentions that she knows what we are learning about. I tell her I'm in the middle of planning the next school year and that yes indeed, we will be learning about birds. She gets very excited as only a good librarian can be and says, "I have some great books. Do I want to see them?" What a silly question. Of course I want to see them. We look at the books she brings and I add them to my pile. I mention that as well as birds we will be learning about the US presidents. Once again she gets excited and runs and gathers more books. I add those to my pile as well.

As I'm getting ready to leave, she says she'll keep thinking about what other books might be good and could she reserve them for me. Of course I said yes. On a whim I also add that she can add whatever books to my reserve list that she thinks I will like. Her eyes gleam at the carte blanche I've just handed her and I'm sure my eyes gleam in return thinking of the books that will appear as if by magic for me at the library.

It's like having my own personal librarian.

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