But how will I practice my mad kick boxing skills now?

Laundry is a perpetual issue for every family, and the more children you have, the more laundry you have. It's just something that can't be avoided. If I am on top of my game, as as long as I do laundry every day, I can keep it down to just one load a day, only having to do more than that if, a) a child has hoarded their laundry and an entire wardrobe comes down the laundry chute at one time, or b) we (or some portion of us) have been on vacation, or c) there have been particularly messy activities enjoyed. 

Or my life for the last year, your washing machine is breaking and you cannot afford to either get a new one or fix it. (From long experience, the computer brain of new washers is almost, if not more expensive than a new washer.) Our washer, a very generous gift from a friend when out last old washer wore out, has been teetering on the brink of exhaustion for a while and it's particular quirk was that there was a short in the electrical system (we think) and a good swift kick in the upper right hand quadrant would shake everything back in place and the cycle would finish. We limped along together like this for months, the washer stopping mid-cycle, me coming down to move the laundry to discover it had stalled, delivering necessary "encouragement", it continuing and finishing. Then it would decide to cooperate and I would have a week or of normal functioning. 

The past couple of months the teetering increased, so that it was truly only possible to do one load a day because of our little dance. Then finally, on Tuesday, it fell off the edge of functioning and I came close to falling off the edge of sanity. No matter what I did, it would not start or stop or unlock. When I seriously thought about finding a lead pipe to beat the washer into submission I realized we had reached the end, the washer and I, and I stopped from adding a room and victim to the Clue game. 

Instead, I walked upstairs, picked up the phone, and dialed our local appliance store. Pretty much I told the saleswoman, "I need a top-loader (I'm done with front loaders), as big as possible, nothing fancy, it doesn't even have to look nice, and I don't want to pay a lot for it." She found a 4.0 cubic foot washer and I replied I was doing laundry for 12 people. She found a 4.8 cubic foot washer, told me the price, and asked when it could be delivered. I gave her my credit card number.

Today was the day. My new washer is here. It is big and fancy and I'm very excited. Now I can finally catch-up on the laundry. I do not have to have anxiety every time I go down to the basement wondering if the machine has cooperated. Plus, along with my very, very good deal on the washer, I also bought the four-year warranty. That's four years of not worrying about the machine breaking. 

Warranties for large families are a very worthwhile investment, I've discovered. We just use our machines more, thus they reach the end of their lifespans sooner. For instance, on Monday, both of our dishwashers which are still under store warranty are getting fixed and that will be $1000 that I will NOT be paying. Four years seems to be the top end of the life expectancy for a washing machine. I keep saying I would be more than happy to become a durability testing sight for appliances, but so far no one has taken me up on it.

My new washing machine. So shiny. So pretty. So functional.


Carla said…
Can I ask what you didn't like about a front load? When I ask people, they only give the good stuff, "You can't over-fill a front loader."

I've considered getting one, but with a small family, I can't seem to justify the expense.
thecurryseven said…
Here are my thoughts on front loaders. I've now had two, different brands. They just seem finicky and too easy for too much to go wrong. We had nothing but trouble of various forms with each of them. And I don't believe the "you can't over load them" line. Anyone can cram and overload any washing machine.. it's just a matter of which direction you shove the clothes.

Aside from the breakage/repair issues, I also think it was harder on our clothes. One washer seemed to like to cause holes develop. I didn't like that once the cycle was started that I could stop it to add the sock that was forgotten and you can't really soak things in them.

I'm thrilled, after a brief flirtation with front loaders to be back to a top loader. This one is huge, has no agitator and uses a different technology so the whole tub doesn't fill with water. This makes it more efficient water-wise than the old top loaders and a big reason why I had originally wanted to switch to a front loader. We'll see how I end up liking it.

We are so hard on appliances! I got a new dishwasher last week (after being without for months). They usually last us about 2 years. We've gone through washers, dryers, a stove, a couple microwaves, and a couple fridges in the last 13 years.

Enjoy your new toy! Long may it live!

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