4th Pictures - 2016

Among our holiday festivities...

The parade...

Walking to the parade

G. (on left) and L. (you could tell by the Cubs hat, right?)

R., J., and Y. 

We didn't make it through the whole parade. I guess we saw the first quarter or so. Can I just kvetch a moment? It's been a couple of years since we've been to our own city's parade. We either skipped or headed to another city's. Now I remember why. I realize it's a little sacrilegious, but this particular parade is just darn boring. (And I don't use that word very often. Ask my children.) Aside from the infrequent band or dance group, the vast majority of participants are just groups of people of various sizes who walk along the parade route in a clump holding signs for their various cause or organization of choice. It doesn't make for terribly compelling viewing. It would far better if each cause or organization were required to make a float or something that would be interesting to look at. And there's no candy. (Oh, please. Don't post the comment. I know it's bad for you.) 

For dinner we headed to the H-S family's house. They are back in town briefly to pack everything up, so we took advantage of spending time together. TM was on the spot and got some great pictures.

TM, MY H-S, and P13

Some of the middle school group

Then we all headed back to our house to go to the fireworks. It's hard to tell, but here we are all getting ready to walk to the lake.

The day ended as expected... with fireworks sitting on the beach. It was the boat beach, so we were looking in between some boats, but fireworks were seen.

Towards the end of the fireworks, both G. and L. had come over and were sitting on my lap, saying things like, "I'm tired!" and "Can we go home now?" Since we had a fifteen minute walk ahead of us and there were hundreds of people on the beaches and parks, I knew that it would make a not-too-long walk into a slow crawl. J. had the wagon for Y., so she was set and the rest of the children were managing OK. At the last firework, I told J. I had the little girls and, with instructions not to let go of my sweater, we bolted for the street to get ahead of the crowd. When these little girls get tired, it is not a good thing and it was vital (yes, vital) to get them home and into bed. So, with the focus on not getting separated and keeping up a pretty good pace and constant, chirpy chatter on my part, we made in home and straight up and into bed in one piece without a meltdown. Phew!

Today we are recovering. Loudly.


Carla said…
Your last two sentences made me laugh out loud. I can SO relate!

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