Promised pictures

All the birthday people were celebrated last night. I sometimes forget how unusual it is to have three children all share the same birthday until we are on round 3 of singing Happy Birthday. Here are some pictures.




L. clutching the present she specifically asked for.

A Cubs hat.

Here's why I have better pictures of L., G. was on the couch surrounded by many sisters. And look! Kenzie was able to come to the party and not have to be excused. We're still getting used to having a calm dog.



G. who was a little excited about the Shopkins. 

Both girls asked for Shopkins and they received them with great enthusiasm. I really don't get Shopkins, but when is it practically the only your children ask for, it's what you get. And now some other girls in the house also think that Shopkins are the exact thing they need for our next gift-giving occasion. I still don't get them.


c smith said…
I have 5 girls and I don't get the Shopkins either. But, then I remember when I was 8 and totally obsessed with those tiny charms that went on the plastic chains.

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