Moms day out

And what do moms do when they go out together? Well, if you were to go with me, you would be doing one of two things... either driving two hours to a small town where the farmer lives from whom you get your semi-annual bulk order of food, or to go buy the next year's homeschooling supplies. Do we know how to have fun, or what?

Today is the later. Some friends and I are heading to the state homeschool convention pretty much just to shop and look at the vendor hall. Oh, and spend some time together and have a short break from being the on-duty parent. We do this by thinking about and shopping for those children we are having a break from. And yes, we realize the irony.

Having just reorganized the school room and supplies, I am highly aware of how much I do NOT need for the next school year. Actually, I'm pretty sure that if our house were suddenly laid under siege and we couldn't leave and Amazon couldn't get to our door, I could homeschool for years, through all grades, successfully. (What? You don't fantasize about being forced to stay home for extended periods of time? Maybe it's just me.)

But since I can get out my door, I'll stock up on the consumable things that I do need to replace... writing paper, blank books, handwriting practice book, and the like. Plus, I've been sort of mentally planning what we will be studying next year, so I'll look for resources which could go along with those topics. I don't anticipate it being a huge shopping year, though, and for that my checkbook is grateful.

Remember the support group meets tonight for those in the area who are interested.


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