Beach pictures

I have sat here and stared at the computer for longer than I should have hoping for some inspiration as to what to write today. And I've got nothin'. Then I remembered that there were some pictures on the camera from when J. and TM took the littles to the beach a week or so ago. So you get beach pictures.

L. and H. (who had decided for some reason she didn't want to put on a swimming suit.)




L. and G.



TM took these pictures and I also discovered that he had taken some other non-people shots that look pretty good to me. So now I will share those and upgrade the quality of photographs on the blog significantly.

Facing northward

Facing southward... yes, that's Chicago. We live in a very urban area remember.

It's a smallish sand beach, so he must have been over on the edge to take this picture.


Carla said…
Nice shots, TM!

Pictures are always a good thing to fall back on in blog life. I've been reading through old posts of yours (I started back when you brought K home) and I've missed posts with pictures. I think you were without a camera for some time in there.

I'll let you know if anything strikes a cord for blog ideas. There have been moments when I thought of commenting on a post, but figured it was so old, it wasn't worth it.

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