25 years

Today J. and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary. Kind of one of those big milestones, huh? Twenty-five years ago, J. and I had just graduated from graduate school on the same day a week earlier (from different schools at either end of the Chicago area), and thinking since family were all in town already, we would have the wedding a week later.

It wasn't a small wedding. We met when we were both doing youth ministry and dated in a veritable fish bowl of junior and senior high youth. When that many young people feel a part of your story, you can't not invite them to the wedding, so we did. I'm not sure J. or I either remember much of the wedding or the following reception itself, except that we stood for what turned out to be several hours in a receiving line. Everyone told us it was lovely and they had a wonderful time.

But as nice as the wedding was, it was truly window dressing. (Those who are planning weddings right now, realize that, right? That you probably won't remember much of it and in the end it doesn't really matter. It helps to keep things in perspective.) What really matters is the commitment you are making to each other. We had no idea that afternoon in June what our future life would look like together... which end of better or worse, richer or poorer, sick or well our life together would be our story. We just knew that we wanted to take on the adventure together.

I don't talk much about J. and what a fantastic husband and father he is, though I should, because he is. I'm sorry everyone, but I truly did win the husband lottery. Not only did I get to marry my best friend and he has stayed my best friend throughout the past 25 years, but I also married one of the finest men I know. He is intelligent, kind, patient (very patient... a nice foil for me and my impatience), funny, unselfish, calm, and extremely caring. I admire him greatly and truly can't fathom how I got to be so blessed as to end up with him. I am truly better with him then I am without him. I am blessed.

Happy Anniversary, J.! I would do it all over again in a second. Here's to another 25 years. Adventures are better with you. I love you.

We plan on going out to celebrate tonight. Somewhere. At a restaurant. If we can decide what that restaurant should be. Before the time for dinner is over. Big things we can decide on; little things, such as where to go to eat? Not so much.
Edited to add: A reader asked for some pictures. I found a couple of loose ones that I took some bad digital photos of. Here you go...

Here I am with my Maid of Honor, who is also J.'s sister.

At the beginning of the ceremony with me, my dad, J., and J.'s brother who was his best man.

A picture of the ceremony and the very full church. 


Carla said…
A scanned in wedding picture perhaps?? It sure would be nice to see!
Carla said…
Oh my! My first thought was, "Cool!" and my next one was, "O Goodness! B looks just like J!"

Thank you!

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