Thursday, May 12, 2016

Drive-by blogging

I am knee deep in the midst of getting school things back to being organized on the third floor. It feels like a never ending process and is challenging my compulsive tendencies of wanting to do a job completely and without stopping.

Your blog post for today is to briefly tell you about the cute little laminate pocket guide I got from TM's therapist today. It is called, Trust-Based Caregiving: A TBRI Pocket Guide, and published by the TCU Institute of Child Development. It is a cool and handy thing. It has the basics of trust-based, connected parenting condensed down to the essentials and then has a referral page for each level of intervention from Playful Engagement all the way up to Protective Engagement. It was a great $10 spent. If you want one, and don't have a handy therapist to sell you one, I did a quick Google search and discovered that ShowHope is selling them. Probably other places are as well, but I'll let you do the looking.

I'm hoping that I will have pictures of the finished project soon. Boy, do I hope that!

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