Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Definitely veering toward the 'un-' side of school

I am not better. I am sitting on the couch in my pajamas, grunting answers at children every so often. In an effort to make myself feel even marginally better about what my children have done today, here is my list.

L. has been carrying around her stuffed rabbit, announcing every 5-10 minutes that she wants a pet bunny. She is also carrying around the list of rabbit care rules which she insisted that J. copy out of the rabbit care library book we read yesterday. (You know, that day when I wasn't feeling as horrible as I would today, but didn't appreciate it.) She randomly announces how she will care for the rabbit when she gets it by sharing one of the rabbit care rules. L. becomes extremely upset when a sibling picks-up the stuffed rabbit but doesn't adhere to the proscribed 'how to carry a rabbit' instructions.

G. has read to me from two more guided reading books. When I redid the schoolroom, I got out the set of SRA supplemental readers a retired teacher friend had passed along to me. (If you are of a certain age, I'm sure you will remember SRA readers... the little cardboard "books" which get incrementally more difficult as you go along. I even have the nifty school bus box they live in.) G. has become obsessed with these books. I think she likes that she can see her progress with the book number getting higher and higher. She has read more in the past two days than ever before. I can manage beginning readers in this state. In fact, it might even be preferable. Usually I find it a wee bit trying to sit still and patiently while the reader s - l - o - w - l - y sounds out each word. Today, I was more than happy to wait for as along as it took her to sound things out.

G., L., and K. all spent some time playing with my new Arctic activity box. They loved it.

K. spent a long time looking at/reading all the car and truck library books he checked out last week.

H. spent time using the 3-part Arctic cards that I made to go with it. She had to work a bit, but successfully sounded out each animal name and matched it all up. I think this style of learning card is going to be good for her. Once again, all this required was to sit catatonically patiently.

P. completed the rest of her biology homework that she had to have done for a class this afternoon.

A. helped Y. figure out how to do sit-ups and planks and they spent quite some time working on that.

B. took D. to a movie that D. had been wanting to see. (I don't mind D. having a day off, he tends to be my most productive child, school-wise.)

R. spent some time continuing to work on how to get up on the balance beam by herself. She has yet to really be able to do it, but she was doing some good work this morning. She is currently looking at library books here next to me on the couch. This is a win in my book, since looking at books voluntarily hasn't happened until now.

TM, who really needs some outside guidance to organize schoolwork, had a morning off. He is now at a doctor's appointment with J. so he can go to scout camp this summer.

There was also a good bit of coloring, trampoline jumping, lunch making, and story listening (thank goodness for CD players), plus all the discussions and questions and make-believe that happens on a daily basis.

I think I feel better.

No, not better. Possibly less guilty, but definitely not better.

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Carla said...

Ug. Parenting while sick. Not fun! Prayers for a speedy recovery! Any kids sick too or just you and J?

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