Thursday, April 14, 2016

What we've been up to

In between sorting through boxes and missing my dad, we've been having some fun as well.

We helped take the rest of the oranges off the trees.

J. and R.

Y. is going to master riding the scooter if it kills her. She is getting better and better. The first day, she was supremely frustrated, but amazingly, given her leg functioning, she is getting it.


And lots of sitting in the sun.


We have also enjoyed my mom's neighbor's pool. A lot.

L. (left) and G.




Yesterday we went to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. I hadn't been there since I was little and my brother had a birthday party there. It was very nice... free to get into the park and the two attractions, a train ride and the carousel, were affordable (at least by Chicago standards.) It was nice and empty and we had a lovely, relaxing afternoon.

Here we are waiting to board the little train.


H. and D.

Everyone on the train car. (I told you it was little.) You'll also be happy to know that neither K. fell out nor did TM jump out... both those things were well within the realm of possibility.

K. in front of the cute little blue engine.

We also rode the carousel. There is a significantly good chance that this was R.'s and Y.'s first carousel ride.

R. (with a photo bomb by K.)


One of the best parts about the park was the (FREE) indoor (which means air-conditioned) building with model trains. 

There are a lot of trains to look at.

My littles were particularly intrigued by the little amusement park.

I was intrigued by the three miniature rooms that were also there. It's a shame this library is miniature, I could live here very happily.

A small trolley to play in.

There were also some trains running on tracks up above.

The last thing we did was to go and play in the park. It was nice and big and had an awning for shade over it.

R. and G.

The last event of the day was to play on railroad tracks. That would be railroad tracks without a chance of a train coming... the best kind. K. particularly liked lying down on them. 

H. (This is her newest skill she is working on... being able to balance and walk heel to toe. She constantly amazes me.)

This morning we've relaxed a bit, picked-up a bit (my poor mother living in a house taken over by nine children), and done some laundry. We're planning on heading off to the zoo for the afternoon. 

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c smith said...

Sounds like a lovely, if sad, visit. Our family are big fans of miniatures. We have a nice display of the original town housed in an historic building at our largest park and we visit it almost monthly.

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