To do lists

I think we will be ready to leave on time tomorrow morning. So far in my trip preparations, I have:

  • Found or bought summer clothes for everyone who either didn't have any or had out grown the ones they did have.
  • Caught up on the laundry. I lost count, but it was probably at least fifteen loads.
  • Told R. that yes, we are going to visit Grammy, but no we are not going on an airplane approximately every 10 minutes for the past three days.
  • Laid out clothes for everyone and now need to put them into suitcases.
  • Found dress clothes for everyone for the Memorial service.
  • Arranged for house/pet sitting for the weeks we are gone.
  • Introduced our house/pet sitter to Kenzie, since they hadn't met yet.
  • Checked out seven recorded books from the library for our car trip.
  • Bought lunch and snack supplies for the car ride.
  • Renewed or returned library books.
  • J. made reservations at hotels for on the way.
  • Made an emergency trip to the bank to help an older child sort out a problem.
  • J. took the van in for two new (and much needed) tires.
  • Got the seizure medicine fiasco straightened out. I can pick it up this afternoon.
  • Took a skirt of H's in to the dry cleaners to have a zipper replaced. (No, this is one mending job I have no desire to do myself.)
  • Bought needed toiletries for the trip.
  • Helped a child who is still completely stressed by vacations get back on the rails.
  • Send the children on a house wide hunt to search out all the missing hairbands.
  • Worked out my writing schedule with my editor. (Yes, I'll be writing articles in the hotel bathroom.)
  • Assured R. that I would get out her knapsack and pack it before we left approximately every 15 minutes for the past two days.
  • Explained to Y. where we were going and when. She then told it back to me the next day, so I think she has a basic understanding.
Still to do:
  • Actually pack the laid out items into bags as well as collect the other many things we need to take along with us.
  • Pack the trailer so we can leave quickly in the morning
  • Buy more cat food.
  • Pick up the van.
  • Pay the bills (Yuck.)
  • Straighten the house for the house sitters.
  • Print out all the information we need to take with us.
  • Iron some of the dress clothes that need to be packed.
  • Write the article that's due tomorrow.
  • Reassure R. that we are all coming back home to Kenzie and Midnight approximately 10,000 more times.
And... write a blog post to post tomorrow while we're on the road. Be sure to check in, it's a big anniversary!


Anonymous said…
That's a lot!

I'm a fairly new adult thinking about adopting in the future.
Do you know why R has a such a tenuous grasp on what's going on? Y seems much more confident. I'm curious and I understand that it could be the differences in children but could it be due to R's diagnosis? Or her environment prior to adoption? Just trying to lay the differences out in my mind to be better informed. Thanks :)

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