Spring cleaning

I may not be around a whole lot in the next few days. The spring cleaning fever has hit and I need... really, really need... to get the house back under control. I'm tired of entering any single room in the house and being overwhelmed with what needs to be done to make it looks less, well, depressing.

Have you noticed that in times of stress, the last thing you want to do is keep things organized? It always feels like enough just to keep on top of the basics... clean underwear, food (of some sort) on the table, clean dishes to eat on. For the past five months or so, this is the level it feels we've been living at. First, it was the massive worry and preparations of holidays and international travel to bring two new children home. Then my father died. One week later we left nine of our children for three weeks to travel around the world to bring two new children home. There was then the adjustment of the children to their new family and of us to them. And the grief. And the dog dying and then getting a new dog. And packing up fourteen people to travel to Arizona. And two more weeks away. And... And... And...

You get the idea.

Who has time to sort through outgrown clothes or piles of paper in the midst of that? I didn't. And now we are at such a state that I just cannot stand it anymore. Thus the fanatical cleaning and organizing that is happening around here. It feels good, but it is time consuming and we are certainly at the point where I feel as though I am making a bigger mess than the one I started with. But I need to be able to walk into rooms and feel as though I can take a deep breath instead of hyperventilating. It will be so much easier to focus on the important things, you know taking care of children and such, if I am not constantly overwhelmed by the house.

So now we're off to get some new storage containers to replace those that have ceased to actually store.


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