I realize that it's been a while since I updated you on the newest family member... Kenzie the dog. We are all in love with this dog. He is doing great and is very, very sweet. We kept him in the kitchen at first because he had a tendency to want to mark everything. I'm afraid some books on a bookshelf didn't make it. But now he has full run of the house and had been very well-mannered.

One interesting thing we discovered, though, is he doesn't like being behind fences in the house. When he was confined in the kitchen, every time someone new would walk in, he would bark and growl and raise his hackles. It was not a terribly endearing habit. One day, a visitor walked in while he was outside and was already in the kitchen when he was let in. Kenzie was the perfect gentleman and went and said hello nicely and allowed himself to be petted with nary a sound. So the next time someone came, I tried having the fence open so he could go around and say hello. It worked like a charm. No barking. No growling. No raised hackles. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a dog that does not bark like an insane thing every time someone comes to the house. If you ever met Gretel, you'll know that it was her very worst habit.

Kenzie and Midnight have even become close friends. They play together and sometimes we find them sleeping together. Kenzie even shares his water bowl with Midnight. And his crate. And his bed. Well, it is more like Midnight deciding what he wants and just does is.

Sometimes Kenzie is a little befuddled as to what to do about it.

He's a good boy, our Kenzie.

Isn't he a handsome boy?

Now we just need to train him to not bolt out of the door and run, run, run down the street. Thankfully he loves other dogs and will always stop to say hello, thus allowing us to catch him.


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