Jiaozi is Mandarin for dumplings. It is one of those words which instead of a child learning the English word, the family, instead, switched to the Mandarin. On Tuesday, our friend, the one who happens to be making the documentary, came over to show everyone how to make jiaozi and we all enjoyed dinner together. 


May May Tchao and H.


Some of the finished dumplings. After a while, the children tired of doing it the normal way and started to treat the wrappers as origami paper.

More dumplings


Y. (notice her holding her camera) and L.

And more dumplings...

The finished soup bowls.

They were delicious and I think I could probably manage to make it myself the next time.

In other news, the first Here I Can Be Normal special needs adoption support group last night was a success. Others came, so I wasn't left talking to myself! Despite quite diverse experiences and children, there seem to be universal issues involved in this type of parenting, since the discussion didn't wind down until after 10:30. If you can, please try to make our next one on May 6. Email me for more information.


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