Happy Easter 2016

Over the weekend we dyed eggs...


Y., G., L., and R.


R., H., and J.

The whole passel of children (three families total).

Then we celebrated on Easter morning.

Yes, that grown man there is B. No, I have no idea how that happened.




P. and Y.

L., R., and H.

After church we did our annual egg hung. The weather was not overly cooperative, so we opted for inside this year.

TM played the piano to accompany the hunting. (Once again, I have no idea how he has grown so big.)


Then we had dinner with family at J.'s sister's home. All in all, it was a fairly relaxing holiday. Well, minus the last-minute panic about getting everyone ready and out the door for church on time. That was probably not our finest moment.

He is Risen! He is Risen! He is Risen!


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