Happy 23rd Birthday, M.!

Yesterday was actually M's birthday, but due to many people's schedules, we celebrated tonight.

We had cherry pie, so TM stood in as candle holder. It was a pretty low-key birthday, as birthdays become in your adult years. It was just nice to spend time together. Everyone was there except A., who flew to Florida today with the university crew team. She will spend her spring break rowing for six hours a day.

But back to M. It is also harder as an adult to think of what you want for your birthday, so we gave rain checks and some really good chocolate. (Because who doesn't want really good chocolate?) L. also decided that another show was in order. She had to make do with an abbreviated version between us getting dinner on the table late and the dratted time change. The main characters were once again K., L., and Y.

So Happy Birthday to my adored first born. You are fantastically talented and I'm always excited to see what you do next. (And I will be forever grateful for you teaching R. how to draw a face!) I love that you love to come home and spend time with everyone. Actually, I just love you. (And how on earth did you get to be 23, I would like to know.)


Robin said…
Happy Birthday M. No no no. It can't be. I remember her as a baby.
Robin said…
Reading many books.
Anonymous said…
It seems like you're shying away from pronouns with M and if so right on, good middle ground. Sticking by your child shouldn't have to be something that's celebrated but too many parents just shut down completely. (and if you have no idea what I'm talking about just disregard, I'm not totally sure about the situation).

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