Happy 18th Birthday, A.!

A.'s 18th birthday was Saturday and we celebrated yesterday. Everyone was able to make it but B., who sadly had to work. It was quite the extravaganza. L. got it into her head that what was needed was a show produced in A.'s honor, so that is what she organized. The day before, she wrote "scripts" and passed them out to younger family members and then spent a good bulk of Saturday rehearsing with her cast. There was much carting around of the scripts and talk along the lines of, "I have to learn my lines!" and "Have you learned your lines yet?" 

Ultimately, due to attrition, L. ended up with just Y. and K. in her cast. G. decided her life's goal was not to play the pizza delivery boy and opted for audience member and H. decided she would rather run lights. R. made an excellent audience member. Finally, A. and friends arrived and the show could be put on. Tickets were created and held and the Will Call window and seats were arranged. (You know you come from a theater family when your home productions include Will Call windows.) We all dutifully attended.

Y. played a princess, L. was a cowboy, and K. was everything else.

All of K.'s roles seemed to involve falling down. He did it very well. R. thought he was hilarious.

At the end were the bows, of course.

They are now ready to take the show on the road. Their Sunday school teacher, having heard about the production, suggested they come and do the show at his house. I'm not sure he quite realizes what he has asked for. L. has been in major planning mode and has been working on exactly how many costumes need to be transported.

After the show came the actual party. For dessert, A. asked for ice cream, so M. stood in as candle holder.

A. and her two friends who joined us.

Then there were presents. One of A.'s presents was two boxes of Tiger Balm. This actually made her extremely excited. She has recently joined the crew team (rowing) and has some pretty sore muscles. She is loving it despite the sore muscles, though.

The crowd watching the present opening. Notice, Y., the photographer.

Happy 18th Birthday, my beloved daughter! You are smart and funny and so enthusiastic about life and the people around you. I can't wait to see what you are going to do next. I love you to pieces!


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